About Us – Tonya Haley

Tonya Haley


The Wall Breaker

Hi!  I am 45 years old, but don’t let my age trick you.   I am a mead loving; Elvis fanatiser; keeper of bees; Netflix addict; romance reader; teacher of all things, and a catalyst of dreams.   

I am native to Chesterfield County and lived in Hopewell and Colonial Heights majority of my life.   I have earned 3 degrees from local colleges; An Associate’s of Science from Richard Bland, a B.S. in Urban Studies and Planning from Virginia Commonwealth College, and a Masters of Education from Virginia State University.   I am a 2nd generation beekeeper. Over the past 15 years, I have taught students with disabilities. My love of honey and craft wines, ciders, and beers gave me the idea of creating my own mead about 2 years ago with my own honey, and now I am opening a urban micro-meadery in Hopewell, Virginia.  I am an advocate for honeybees and bringing a community together by providing a gathering place, entertainment, and small batches of mead.

God save the bees!